Free Information About your Specific Needs

For those needing the professional services of our Orthopaedic surgeon, we are able to assist & help patients with treatment for conditions of the Upper Limb (Shoulder, Elbow and Hand), which includes treatment of fractures, joint replacement, joint reconstruction, soft tissue repairs to tendons and ligaments and specialist hand operations.

*This information is provided as background only and does not constitute medical advice or opinion.

Who we treat

Shoulder2Hand is proud to offer professional treatment of patients who are diagnosed with hand, shoulder and arm conditions using surgical and/or non-surgical techniques.

Our treatment methods are designed to help patients function normally in everyday life with reduced pain and discomfort in their personal and working lives. We welcome patients from the South Coast of NSW, Yass and country areas surrounding Canberra, but are also happy to assist those further out who are willing to travel.

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