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Pre-Operation Information

Ok, so the Specialist has recommended you need surgery to help resolve your situation.

What happens now?

This is where you'll meet one of our staff. Our Practice Manager, Jill. She will take you through the process of booking your surgery.

The Doctor will give Jill the Medicare Item Numbers that represent the operation that has been described to you during your consultation with the Surgeon.

Then it comes to selecting a date that works for you based on the availability in the surgeons operating schedule. Things that will affect the available dates offered to you are the type of surgery being considered, if you need to stay overnight, how long the case is expected to take and a number of other factors, including your own scheduling issues.

You will also be given a number of cost estimates based on the surgeries being considered. These estimated will include:

  • Surgeon
  • Surgical Assistant
  • Anaesthetist
  • Hospital costs (operating theatre and overnight bed etc)

Please note, that the estimates provided are just that. Estimates. There are some circumstances where the actual surgeries performed may vary slightly once the surgeon finds something unexpected.

Also, please remember that the hospital and Anaesthetist costs are not controlled by us. They are separate businesses and you will be given the contact information to talk with the other providers before your surgery date.

How to use your Private Health Insurance:

(More information will be updated here shortly)

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