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Workers Compensation.

If your injuries are part of a Workers Compenstaion Claim or is part of a legal claim of some sort, you will need a few more items of information before we can schedule an appointment for you.

Workers Compensation:

You will need an approved Claim Number form the Employers Insurance Company. Without a Claim number we cannot schedule an appointment. There is no way around this.

Once you have a Claim Number, call us for an appointment and we will ask for that claim number. We will find a suitable appointment for you and then make contact with the insurance company to make sure they are aware that they are going to be paying for your treatment.

If the Insurance Company denies liability for your treatment, we will contact you before the appointment to let you know that the claim has been denied and that you may still see the Specialist, but it will be at your cost. You may be able to claim that money back at a later date, but that is between you, your employer and their insurance company.

Legal Claims:

If you injury is part of a legal claim against another party, there a couple of other things that we'll need to make things go smoothly. We've dealt with all of the Compensation firms in Canberra over many years, so they know us and we know them.


Please Contact us if you think you need a copy of a report that may have been written about your injuries at the request of an Insurance Company or a Compensation Law Firm.

If your employers Insurance Company requests a report from the Specialist, then please be aware that they own the report and control its distribution, not us. We may not be able to provide you a copy of a report regardless of the fact that it concerns your injury.

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